Pics From Exchange So Far…Since I Started Blogging 2 Months In

Here are some pictures, mostly  from the earlier part of my stay in Thailand, with a few from more recently (Pattaya and the old shrine). I intend to photograph a day in my life sometime in the next few weeks, as well as do a post about toilets. (Because toilets around the world are more different than you might think…and we Americans aren’t necessarily doing things the most sophisticated way).


Incredible rice porridge stuff from the night market near my house. Markets are pretty cool…you can buy anything from live birds to makeup to fake Nikes to a pig face. (Literally the skin off the face of a pig…like this creepy waxy pig mask…they’re sometimes used for offerings at temple). You can also buy dinner.


Sukhothai’s famous ruins. Photo creds to Pao…last name I can’t spell or remember.


More lovely ruins along with some great tassley looking grass.


Trees were looking gorgeous.


In case anyone was wondering, this is what a 400 year old mango tree looks like. Oddly, the only mangos I’ve eaten in Thailand have been green…they’re really sour, and Thais like to dip them in chili sauce.


This is the floor of my friend’s grandparent’s house. I think I had the privelege of being the first foreigner they ever interacted with. I feel so honored when I’m able to be a Thai person’s first impression of America. It’s a little scary, but an amazing opportunity to broaden people’s horizons on a personal level well simultaneously learning a lot about Thai culture.


My ice cream was really cute. However, be warned…even western style ice cream in Thailand doesn’t taste quite like the stuff back home.


DIY Thai style ice cream: Take some shaved ice. Cover it with sweetened condensed milk. Apply mysterious jelly things as desired.


Sukhothai lookin fine.


My FAVORITE Thai flower. These grow right in my backyard…but it’s Thailand, so nobody really wants to be in the backyard…


Most Thai desserts are bizarre from western standpoint. This one actually tastes pretty good though. It’s like coconut milk and sweetened condensed milk and mystery jelly things…who knows where the green comes from.


There’s this building on an island in the middle of the river that runs through my host city. I wondered what it was for weeks before finally asking my friend, and visiting. It’s a 100 year old abandoned Chinese shrine. Now it’s filled with incredible graffiti, plants, and a substantial flock of pigeons.


The inside was beautiful in the eerie way of long abandoned places.


Pattaya is a notorious party city. It definitely appeared to live up to it’s reputation during my brief visit. That being said, there are a lot of uncomfortable things going on here that made me feel embarassed to be white…I’ll talk about this more in another post.


I visited Sukhothai, the province to the north of Kamphaeng Phet, with one of my good friends. This is just a few weeks after arriving in Thailand.


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